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About SriStar Gold Company

It’s a common practice in India where people pledge gold jewelry to the banks, pawn shops or financiers to arrange the funds for setting up new business, fund for arranging urgent medical bills, because its a simple and fast process to get the loan on golds without much documents. It may be a good idea to pledge the gold and take a small loan against jewellery but not a wise deal to take a big loan against gold. Maximum times people fails to release their pledged gold because of hefty interest rates and bound to pay unnecessary interest rates which sometimes cross the double of gold price. SriStar Gold Company helps the customer to release their gold loan and other jewelry from banks, pawn shops, financiers and buy back the gold at best price than anyone else. SriStar Gold Company will give cash to pre-close your pledged gold loan We visit the location with customers, pay the required amount to release the pledged gold After checking the purity of pledged gold at our office, SriStar Gold Company buys back the gold jewellery and pay you the balance amount after deducting the amount paid for releasing gold. We give you funds to pre-close your pledge. We will buy the pledged jewellery at a fair price determined by fair valuation, refunding you the balance after adjusting it against the funds provided to you.